Help us to help

Christmas 2013

As part of our vision of development, Mountain Lodges of Peru and Refugio Viñak have been an important arm in our organization called Yanapana Peru, it is firmly responsible for the social and community development around our shelters, thus giving opportunities to people of a sustained development and together.

Every year in the month of December, celebrating the arrival of Christmas and protecting ourselves from the cold, Refugio Viñak organizes a series of donations that are destined to strengthen our relationship of friendship and collaboration with our community brothers, these donations are very important for us since we can take joy and shelter in these coming months.

With all the affection we have for them, we appreciate that you have read this and can share with your friends the kindness of sharing, what is needed in general is:

  • Winter clothing (in good condition),
  • Non-perishables,
  • Toys, many toys,
  • And messages of hope, joy and love.

You can send your donations to our offices in Lima:

  • Av. Javier Prado Oeste 757 - 7th Floor, Of. 706 Magdalena del Mar, Lima, Peru.
  • Telephone: 221-1313 ext 105

In that address you can leave the donation and we will take care of the rest.

Make a child happy, make him smile.

PS: We will open a date to collect donations in areas near our office, the date will be confirmed in the course of these days.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!