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Environment Policies

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At MLP we are confident that the development of tourism must be based on criteria of sustainability, we are aware that sustainable development is a process that includes a global management ensuring durability and conservation of our natural and cultural capital, therefore; our commitment to the environment is based on:

  1. We commit in full compliance with the Peruvian legislation related to tourist activities and the use of natural resources.
  2. To disclose environmental practices and to promote actions such as training and campaigns. As well as to provide information about the commitment the company has regarding the environment.
  3. To support trainings on conservation, including concepts such as protected areas and World heritage sites, among managers, communities and field personnel in order to raise environmental awareness.
  4. We guarantee environmental sustainability by integrating ourselves in the natural, cultural and human environment.
  5. We respect the fragile balances within our destinations´ ecosystems by ensuring an acceptable growth in regards to natural resources.
  6. We exercise an efficient use of water resources and biological diversity and respect the assimilation capacity of the negative impacts and the waste produced.
  7. We keep a strict monitoring and control over the resources that we use and our emissions of greenhouse gases (GEI) on the atmosphere.

All personnel have the obligation and responsibility to comply with our company´s environmental and sustainability policies. Complying with the rules established in the manuals and procedures for the provision of services in a sustainable way, as for the effective and efficient use of energy, water resources and solid waste treatment.